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This detailed guide includes insightful and practical advice to help you throughout your trip to France. It includes all of the following:

  • Day-to-day guide of what to do and where to stay
  • 14 additional restaurant recommendations
  • Six specific restaurant recommendations with the best view of the Eiffel Tower 
  • Six must-try places for sweet tooth travelers (macaroons, chocolates, and croissant lovers) 
  • A Google Maps link that houses all my food recommendations to make it easy to find and read reviews
  • Six must-see hot spot sites in Paris
  • Helpful tips for navigating public transportation in Paris
  • What to know before visiting the notable city of Versailles
  • How to get to Nice, France (via flight) 
  • A recommended boat excursion that will take you sailing along the French Rivera  
  • A cost breakdown of my trip to financially prepare you for your journey
  • Exclusive photos to inspire your personal photography and elevate your experience in France

France Travel Itinerary

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